Intro to Piano Pedagogy: A Summer Study for High Schoolers (2023)

For the third consecutive year, I will be offering a unique summer opportunity for high school students interested in learning the fundamentals of piano teaching.

UPDATE: In addition to the Muncie-area course, I am now offering a VIRTUAL option as well.

As someone who was hired to teach at a local music store when she was 14 years old (!), I know all-too-well how steep the learning curve can be for young, competent pianists looking to gain experience teaching private lessons.

The opportunity to help young musicians get a proper start to the art of piano teaching has turned into one of my life’s greatest passions.

The Intro to Piano Pedagogy Course offers an exploration of many important topics, including:

  • Method Studies
  • Establishing Rhythmic Stability in Beginner Students
  • Best Practices for Teaching Notation
  • Philosophies of Teaching
  • Developing Student Relationships
  • Standards of Professionalism
  • Best Business Practices