Praise for Christina Whitlock's Instruction

"Not only is Christina a remarkably talented piano teacher, she is one of the most patient, caring, and positive people I've ever met. In addition to piano skills, my daughter has learned confidence, how to cope with failure, how to maintain composure when she's nervous, and how to work independently towards a goal. I cannot say enough about Whitlock Piano Studio."
Dr. Ben Angelo
Studio Parent
"Mrs. Whitlock uses a variety of teaching techniques that are research-based and proven to help students learn and retain information. She uses a game-based approach to her lessons and activities that students enjoy. I have and will continue to recommend Mrs. Whitlock to anyone that is serious about their child, not only learning to play an instrument, but developing a deep understanding and love for music."
Studio Parent
"Prior to Ms. Whitlock I had to drag my son to piano lessons, where he would have severe temper tantrums. We were locked in a constant cycle of bribery and threats to get him to practice, comply, even attend his lesson. Instantly, our lessons with Ms. Whitlock were a breath of fresh air. My son wakes up every morning running down to the piano to play. He practices without complaint, and looks forward to going to piano lessons to show Ms. Whitlock what he has been doing and to share his week with her. I attribute the change of attitude, 100%, to Ms. Whitlock and her teaching. Her lessons are magical. She has a wonderful ability to be nurturing, while retaining high standards. She is quick to laugh and always has time to hear about her student’s day and interests. She builds up her students, making them feel that anything is possible, even learning 40 pieces in a few months or performing for over 70 people in December. She is truly refreshing and worth every penny!"
Studio Parent
"Mrs. Whitlock is knowledgeable about music but also knows how to move students from one skill to the next at just the perfect pace. She is so kind and nurturing."
Studio Parent
Christina is technically very precise without losing the sheer joy of making music. I came to Christina as a "mature learner", with a desire to play the piano. Christina has encouraged and guided me every step of the journey. She indulges my tastes in music, finding repertory to expand my horizons.
Jean Gadziola
Adult Piano Student
"I have had lessons with Christina for many years and found them to be one of my highlights of the week. This is because Christina welcomes me with new insights into the fine art of piano skills no matter what my progress is. As one of her older students I am always encouraged no matter what skills I have achieved."
Adult Piano Student

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