For Teacher Friends

(Beyond Measure Podcast)

My name is Christina Whitlock, and I have a heart for TEACHERS. <3

Until my formal website is finished, this page will serve as internet real estate for my new podcast – Beyond Measure with Christina Whitlock.

Because I pride myself on being everyone’s Anytime Piano Teacher Friend, I feel like you should know some things about me. Besides the actual loves of my life (re: all those important people who love me and save me on a moment-to-moment basis), here are some of my favorite things:

Words. Dark Black Coffee. Connection. Quiet. Books. Children. Productivity. Carbohydrates. Fresh Air. Observing Human Behavior. Hearing Laundry in the Dryer. Church. Shostakovich String Quartets. Empty Kitchen Sinks. Learning. Random Acts of Kindness. Laughing.

Listen to the latest episode of Beyond Measure with Christina Whitlock here: