Beyond Measure Podcast

Your self-proclaimed “Anytime Piano Teacher Friend” is delighted by the overwhelmingly positive response to her little podcast project, Beyond Measure with Christina Whitlock.

A formal website for the podcast is in the works, but, for now, we’ll count this as our little piece of Internet Real Estate for the podcast.

Thanks, friends!

You can listen to Beyond Measure here:

Episode 78: Cheers to Wrapping Up a School Year Beyond Measure with Christina Whitlock

Today, Christina shares four considerations for wrapping up an academic year. Mentioned in this Episode: Episode 20:  Cheers to Preserving Gratitude click here More of Christina Whitlock: For my (free!) Weekly Reflections Printable, click here For info on my summer study for high schoolers click here Reserve a teacher consultation by contacting me here Join my list of Email Buddies by clicking here Email anytime at beyondmeasurepodcast (at) gmail (dot) com — Send in a voice message:
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